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2021 Award Winners / Participants



Scholastic 144

Kauffman Gallery  - Art & Design Department - Shippensburg University

November 6 - 13, 2021


Exhibit Online - November 15, 2021 - March 1, 2022

(Web address: )




This exhibition features the finest artwork by High School juniors and seniors from select counties in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Two dimensional entries are limited to 144 square inches and three dimensional entries are limited to 12” x 12” x x12”. Awards in the amount of $1,000.00 are given in this exhibition. Honorable Mention and participation certificates are also awarded.





Mr. Ryan Hnat, art teacher, Lackawanna School District, Scranton, PA

Ms. Jillette Smith, art teacher, Williamsport Area School District, Williamsport, PA



Cash Award Winners:


Best of the Exhibit - $500.: Rebecca Swartz, Huntingdon Area H.S., PA (Erin Shaffer - teacher)

2nd Place - $300.: Grace Lehr, Red Lion Area Senior H.S., PA (Kelly McBrien)

3rd Place - $200.: Lily Reynolds, Linganore H.S., MD (Georgia Geisser)



Honorable Mention:


Olivia Biancone, Exeter Township Senior High, PA (Christina Pinkerton - teacher)

Leah Bowman, Carlisle H.S., PA (Ashley Gogoj)

Steven Gautsch, Bermudian Springs H.S., PA (Kimberly Robinson)

Jadeyn Guyer Gipe, Shippensburg Area Senior H.S., PA (Sarah Maclay)

Renee Hawbaker, Greencastle-Antrim H.S., PA (Alex Miller)

Lillie Grace Horst, Donegal H.S., PA (Breanna Alba)

Tyler Jones, Linganore H.S, MD (Tracy Bozzonetti)

Kylie Koenig, Donegal H.S., PA (Breanna Alba)

Savannah Presson, Linganore H.S., MD (Christian Madenspacher) - 2 artworks

Josh Roman, Linganore H.S, MD (Tracy Bozzonetti)

Jess Smithson, Bermudian Springs H.S., PA (Kimberly Robinson)

Brittany Truong, Exeter Township Senior High, PA (Christina Pinkerton)

Coal Williams, Greencastle-Antrim H.S., PA (Tara Clopper) - 2 artworks



2021 Statistics:


Total number of entries submitted - 60

Total number of entries accepted - 52

Total entries accepted by Category / followed by the number of entries submitted:



2021 Statistics (continued):


Ceramic & Glass - 2/2

Design ————— 0/0

Digital Art ———- 8/9

Drawing ————- 14/15

Jewelry ————— 0/0

Mixed Media ——- 3/5

Painting ————- 15/18

Photography ——- 5/5

Printmaking ——— 1/1

Sculpture ———— 4/5


Accepted Entries: 87%  (52/60)

44 - Number of participating students  (Number of students with multiple entries - 6)

Entries: 73% Seniors, 27% Juniors

15 - Number of teachers submitting entries



Participating Teachers:




Tracy Bozzonetti, Linganore H.S., Frederick

Georgia Geisser, Linganore H.S., Frederick

Christian Madenspach, Linganore H.S., Frederick




Alba Breanna, Donegal H.S., Mount Joy

Tara Clopper, Greencastle-Antrim H.S., Franklin

Ashley Gogoj, Carlisle Area H.S., Carlisle

Samantha Hillmuth, West Perry H.S., Perry

Sarah Maclay, Shippensburg Area Senior H.S., Shippensburg

Nichole Marsh, Donegal H.S., Mount Joy

Kelly McBrien, Red Lion Area Senior H.S., Red Lion

Alex Miller, Greencastle-Antrim H.S., Franklin

Christina Pinkerton, Exeter Township Senior High, Exeter

Kimberly Robinson, Bermudian Springs H.S., York Springs

Erin Shaffer, Huntingdon Area H.S., Huntingdon

Holly Strayer, Chambersburg Area Senior H.S., Chambersburg




Scholastic 144

Kauffman Gallery  - Art & Design Department - Shippensburg University